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t Lightstone we have combined light and concrete to create a new intelligent building material that comes alive as it transports light through itself. It can transfer daylight into dark windowless rooms and can transform entire buildings into bright shape shifting sculptures. Perhaps most revolutionary, it even has the ability to produce a live image on its surface.
We call it Lightstone.

Take a look at this short flick to see what it is all about.


Our mission is to embed light and technology into concrete offering architects and interior designers powerful new opportunities when creating the buildings of tomorrow.

It all started in 2006 when a young engineer and tech-brain, Christoffer Dupont, who had an idea of creating massive screens using fiber optics. To fixate the fibers he thought of a variety of materials but ended up experimenting with concrete.

Since then a lot has happened. Dupont Lightstone has obtained a worldwide patent and inquiries by customers from around the world. Lightstone Factory is based on technological competences - now the company has been strengthened by the assembly of a strong and experienced management team.

We love to have fun developing our products and projects and we constantly try out new ideas. It often happens that people spill over with great ideas about how to use our technology. This is very inspiring and we are always welcoming your thoughts and ideas. So if you have one please give us a call or an email.


Dupont Lightstone  major shareholders are


Danish Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation

Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation A/S

Confac A/S

Schramm Jacobsen Holding