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New lighting, new floor, new wall, new building! Light Tiles are building bricks with a surface that lights up. You can change their color and dim the light so that the light setting is perfect for any situation and space. Put a layer of Light Tiles on your floor, wall, staircase or whatever you can think of and be an architect of the future.

Light Tiles are powered by advanced LEDs that have low energy consumption but provide a brightly lighted surface. You can build walls or floors comprised by any number of Light Tiles. You simply connect them to each other and plug in the controller that makes you able to change color and brightness. When the Light Bricks are off they have a smooth and light surface and they come in a variety of materials compositions and colors.



All products can be specially designed to suit color and surface texture of surround building material. The surface can be primed so that graffiti is easily removable and rejects dirt.

Modular System

Light Tile walls, floors, ceilings etc. are comprised by a number of modules that measure 20x20cm.


We produce our products according to the standards EN 13369 and DS/EN 14992.